Brighton Dog Training

Specialists in one-to-one training and behavioural support for adult dogs and puppies.


Adult Dogs

Do you have a new rescue dog, a dog who has developed a behavioural problem or would just like to get some extra training?  We can help with a range of issues.  All of our training is kind and reward based, we help you and your dog to work together rather than against each other.  All of our training plans are bespoke so that your dog is getting the right help.

We want you and your dog to enjoy the training so we make our training sessions as fun as possible.


Traditionally, the main focus of puppy training has been teaching obedience to basic commands. While this is very useful, it is also important to prepare your puppy for dealing with day-to-day life. Life Skills focuses on teaching puppies how to make good decisions for themselves, without constantly being told what to do.