Dog Reactivity

One of the most common problems seen by Brighton Dog Training is dogs who are reactive to other dogs on lead. This can be caused by a variety of things but usually has it’s basis in fear and frustration, however, it can look as though the dog is being very aggressive.

This four week course is aimed at helping you to understand the root cause of the problem and gain control of your dog when you are out and about so that walks are no longer a stressful experience. We will teach your dog how to manage their anxiety about other dogs without a big reaction so that they have the opportunity to learn that other dogs are not something that need to be feared. Some dogs go on from this training to be able to meet other dogs and socialise successfully, others are happier not interacting with dogs and just learning that other dogs are nothing to worry about, this often depends on the severity of the problem and the time-scale involved.

The training incorporates a mix of theory and practical sessions and is taken at whatever pace suits you and your dog. The initial session lasts for 90 minutes so that we can discuss the training in detail and create a bespoke training plan, subsequent sessions are an hour long.

You will have access to phone and email support between sessions.

The cost for this 4 session course is £150.