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Lead Walking

This is a three week one-to-one lead walking course, with each session lasting one hour.

This course is designed for owners who have a dog that persistently pulls when walking on the lead. The aim of this course is to find the right method for both owner and dog so that your dog can learn to walk at your pace. This will make walks much more pleasurable for both of you.

Session 1 – This session will be held at your home and will be mostly theoretical. We will discuss why dogs pull on lead and what methods you have tried to stop your dog from pulling. We will take your dog for a short walk (approx 10 minutes) and will then return to your home where you will be taught some basic exercises to practice before the next session.

Session 2 – This will be a mostly practical session where we will take your dog for a walk and start to develop the basic training taught in session one. We will work on improving your dog's responsiveness outdoors and getting your dog to walk nicely in a quiet area, away from distractions.

Session 3 – This will be a mostly practical session, we will look at your dog's progress and start to work on teaching him/her to walk nicely even when there are distractions in the environment or your dog is excited. Any remaining questions/issues you have can be discussed and worked on.

The initial session lasts for 90 minutes so that we can discuss the training in detail, create a bespoke training plan and begin some practical work, subsequent sessions are an hour long.

You will be provided with a written lead walking programme to accompany the training sessions and will have access to phone and email support between sessions.

The cost for this 3 session course is £110.

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