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Recall Training

This is a three week one-to-one recall course, with each session lasting one hour.

This course is designed for owners who are experiencing recall problems with their dog and would like to improve overall responsiveness while their dog is off lead. Ideal for dogs who won't come back when playing with other dogs or that get easily distracted. The aim of this course is to increase your confidence when you are out with your dog and to teach them that it is worthwhile to respond when you ask them to come back to you, this should ultimately make walks a much more enjoyable experience for both of you. This course is not suitable for dogs that are aggressive towards other dogs.

Session 1 – This is a theory session at your home where the cause of the recall problem is identified and explained. We will discuss how to make the most effective use of rewards and you will be shown basic training exercises that you can practice with your dog.

Session 2 – This is a practical session in your local park or dog walking area where we can begin to work on your dog's recall. We will use the basic exercises taught in session one to start to build up your dog's responsiveness outdoors. You will be shown how to start working on calling your dog away from other distractions.

Session 3 – This is a second practical session in your local park or dog walking area. We will look at your dog's progress and will develop the training you have begun, with particular focus on teaching your dog to cope with distractions. Any remaining questions you have can be discussed and worked on.

The initial session lasts for 90 minutes so that we can discuss the training in detail, create a bespoke training plan and begin some practical work, subsequent sessions are an hour long.

You will be provided with a written recall programme to accompany the training sessions and will have access to phone and email support between sessions.

The cost of this 3 session course is £110.

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