Life Skills & Basic Training

Traditionally, the main focus of puppy training has been teaching obedience to basic commands. While this is very useful, it is also important to prepare your puppy for dealing with day-to-day life. Life Skills focuses on teaching puppies how to make good decisions for themselves, without constantly being told what to do. For example, learning to settle when there is nothing exciting going on without the owner needing to tell them to sit or lie down.

This type of training can help puppies grow up into adult dogs who are more confident, social and easy-going which ultimately should make life happier for the dog and their owners.

This course lasts for 6 training sessions, during which we will work on a combination of standard obedience training such as sit, down, recall, lead walking, nipping and biting, housetraining and dropping items as well as life skills such as learning not to be afraid of loud noises, how to say please and good self control. The initial session lasts for 90 minutes so that we can discuss the training in detail, create a bespoke training plan and begin some practical work, subsequent sessions are an hour long.

These training sessions are designed to give your puppy the absolute best start in life.

You will be given training handouts to accompany the sessions and access to phone and email advice between sessions.

The cost of this 6 session course is £210.