Hungarian hound pointer vizsla dog in au

Behaviour Problems

Single Session £60, Set of 4 Sessions £200

We have experience on working on a wide range of issues such as reactivity towards people or other dogs, separation based problems, guarding, aggression and anxiety.  

Behaviour problems are tough for owners, it can make dog ownership feel like a real challenge.  We have lived and worked with dogs who show some difficult behaviour and we understand that owners need good support to work through this.  We also believe that change is possible and that, with the right help, things can get a lot better.  

We take an open and honest approach to working on behaviour problems, we can't promise to completely cure every issue but we can help you to understand what is happening, why, and how to improve things.  Some issues can be successfully resolved and others will require on-going management, we can help you to find the right programme to work on.

Due to the complex nature of behavioural problems, we usually suggest a set of four hour-long sessions to give you some ongoing support, however, one-off sessions are also available.

Please get in contact to discuss how we can help.