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Image by Bill Stephan

Puppy Training

Initial Session (90  minutes) - £100

Follow-On Sessions (60 minutes) - £65

Online/Pre-Puppy Session - £60

Set of four sessions (1 x 90 minutes, 3 x 60 minutes) £250

Puppy training is one of our favourite areas of work, pups and their owners are full of enthusiasm and it's so important to invest some time and energy into establishing good habits for both of you.

Our puppy training sessions include some theoretical training for you so that you can understand why your pup behaves as they do and to help you get the most out of training.  We will discuss what you would like your pup to learn and you will be guided through how to put this into practice. 


We put a lot of emphasis on teaching good 'life skills' so that your pup learns to adapt to the modern world.  This could include good responsiveness off-lead, learning to greet people without jumping, settling quietly in a pub or coffee shop or ignoring joggers on the promenade, we usually include at least one session outdoors to work on these sorts of things. 


We will look at your lifestyle and help you work on the training that will help your pup to fit into it.

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