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Training Methods

There are many ways that you can teach a dog, Brighton Dog Training is committed to reward-based, ethical and effective training methods.  This means we will show you how to train your dog without using fear or pain, this will help strengthen your relationship with your dog and has also been shown to be a very effective method.  We base our training on research into animal behaviour and the science behind learning as well as our plentiful experience with dogs.  We are passionate about animal welfare so shock, prong or choke collars are never used in our training.

We work on helping your dog develop good 'life skills', this means boosting their ability to cope with the things they encounter in the modern world.  Part of our training is to help your dog develop the skills to make good choices about how to behave in various situations, so that you can enjoy life together rather than feeling like you are battling against your dog's behaviour.

Rescue Puppy


When teaching new exercises we will find out what motivates your dog and use this to reinforce behaviours that we like and want to see more of.  Your dog will be guided into the right behaviour and you will be shown how to reward effectively so that your dog is offering you the behaviour that you would like to see.  Training can be beneficial to dogs of all ages and reward based methods mean that you will both enjoy it!

Tug of War

Behaviour Problems

A lot of people are concerned that they will not be able to address problematic behaviours using reward-based training alone.  We think it's really important to find out why dogs are behaving as they are, this allows us to work on the emotions and thinking which is driving the behaviour in the first place.  This is so much more effective than punishing the symptoms of the problem!

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