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Training a Puppy with Snack

Adult Dog Training

Initial Session (90 minutes) - £100

Follow-On Sessions (60 minutes) - £65

Online Follow-On Sessions (60 minutes) - £60

Set of four sessions (1 x 90 minutes, 3 x 60 minutes) £250

We can offer help for a range of training issues with adult dogs, this can include things such as improved self-control, lead walking, recall and general responsiveness.

During your initial session we will discuss what you would like to get out of the training and put a plan together to address this, you will then be coached through the training exercises.  A lot of owners who are seeking training for their adult dog feel as though they are not fully in control of their dog's behaviour, we can show you how to manage difficult situations and feel confident about getting the behaviour you want to see.

We see many adult dogs who have come to their home through rescue, we have a large amount of experience with rescue dogs and understand the challenges that owners and dogs face at this time.  We can help you to establish what training would be useful for your rescue dog and how you can build a great bond through training.

Each household and dog are individual so we create bespoke training plans for each client to address any aspect of training required.

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